How do I file a complaint about my storage unit?

Notice a leak, crack, or other problem with your storage unit and need to know where to turn? In this Flex TV episode, our storage expert addresses the steps needed to effectively file a complaint regarding your storage unit. Learn about the essential procedures, whom to contact, and the necessary documentation required for a quick […]

Today i have a question from shelly who wants to know how do i file a complaint about my storage unit now maybe you’ve been visiting your storage unit or you have one on your property and you’ve suddenly noticed something is wrong with it it could be a leak it could be a crack maybe it’s mold maybe the door is faulty or jammed these are all kinds of examples where you would need to file a complaint in order to have it fixed as soon as possible so shelly there are several ways you can file a complaint with your storage facility the first one and honestly the most recommended one is doing it via email why email well even though it might take longer to get a response it will be on record you can keep a record of your complaint exactly when you filed it and you have the option of attaching a photo or video of the damage which i completely recommend so that you have proof of the damage and of the time you sent the complaint the second option is simply through a phone call you can call the number that your storage facility has provided for you for customer support and tell them what is wrong with your unit now although you will probably get an immediate response and it might be quicker you won’t have any record of this so in this case i really do recommend either recording the call or also backing up the call with an email the third way and sometimes the simplest way is just filing through an online contact form you go to the company’s website they usually have a contact us page and then you just fill in the details and send it out sometimes they will have the option to attach a file like a video or photo if they do I really recommend that you do that but if they don’t at least take the photos and keep them with you as evidence so there you go shelly there are many ways you can file a complaint about anything that’s wrong with your storage unit don’t hesitate to use them it’s better safe than sorry and i really do recommend that you keep a record of it in your inbox or anywhere else that you can record the call if you have no other option so that you have proof that you filed it and of the damage that you’ve actually seen in your storage unit.

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