How do I renew my storage unit rental agreement?

Navigating the renewal process for your storage unit? This Flex TV episode is here to help. Our Flexpert walks you through the steps to quickly & efficiently renew your storage unit lease. We’ll discuss important considerations like timeline, updated terms, and potential changes in rates or policies. Whether you’re a long-term customer or nearing the […]

How do I renew my storage unit rental agreement now as you might know storage units similarly to any kind of real estate work on a rental agreement so that means that you enter into a contract you have a rental fee every month and you pay that until the end of the contract when it expires so if you know that the end of your lease is coming up but you still want to stay in the same storage facility and keep storing there of course it’s not a problem the storage facility will usually also want you to stay so how do you do it how do you renew your contract in most cases the storage provider will send you a notification before the end of your lease usually about 30 days prior they will contact you and say hey your lease is going to be up do you want to continue storing with us or not sometimes they will also offer some kind of promotion to entice you to stay it might depend on the conversation it might depend on changing fees and taxes they might even offer you a renewal at an increased price but they usually will call you first because they want to keep you as a customer if they don’t however contact you first and you see that your lease is about to end you can of course contact them how do you do this you can do it by calling the phone number of the storage provider which might be the easiest and simplest and quickest way or you can write an email now i normally always recommend an email the reason is you really want to have a record of your transaction with the storage facility so if there’s any mix up later you have everything in writing if you contact the storage provider or they contact you and they provide you with an an offer that’s maybe a little pricey or a little high, know that you can haggle and even know that if you store for longer periods of time, meaning entering a longer contract for say over six months, more often than not, they will have some sort of promotion, some sort of price reduction for longer periods of storage. So utilize that. If you know that you want to stay for longer, talk to them them about extending your lease for maybe a little bit of a lower monthly rent it might be worth it for both of you so Leslie renewing your rental agreement with the storage provider is really simple more often than not they will be the ones contacting you first but even if not it’s not a problem to contact them anytime as you know again prefer emails because you want to keep a record and make sure you know exactly what date you asked it on and kind of keep a record of your entire correspondence with the facility.

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