How do I retrieve items from my storage unit during an auction?

In this episode of Flex TV, our storage expert provides insights on if and how you can retrieve your items from a storage unit that’s being auctioned. Discover the process and procedures involved in having your storage unit auctioned off and what your rights are in such in event and explore ways to prevent your […]

¬†Today I have a question from Christian who wants to know how do I retrieve items from my storage unit during an auction? Now just to give you a little background, if you fail to pay your monthly rent in storage for several months, in most facilities it’ll be around a 90-day period, if you’ve missed your payments and you fail to pay for any reason, the storage facility can actually claim the contents of your unit. This means that the contents are no longer legally yours. They are actually owned by the storage facility, the storage operator. In this event, the storage facility might want to auction off everything in your storage unit to try to pay off some of the debt left by you. So unfortunately, Christian, if your unit has already been put up for an auction, you cannot retrieve your items. You can’t gain access to your unit. This is because the stuff no longer legally belongs to you and you can’t retrieve something that isn’t yours. However, if you do get an auction notice and you happen to know when and where the auction is, you can attempt to arrive there and try to buy them back just like any other bidder. So you’ll be arriving at the auction, they’ll be bidding off the stuff one by one, and if there’s anything valuable that you specifically want back, you can try to bid for it just like any other participant and hope that you are the highest bidder and you win your stuff back. In conclusion, Christian, you can’t retrieve your stuff, unfortunately, from your storage unit if it’s been put up for auction because it’s just no longer yours. However, you can go join and try to retrieve it as a bidder, try to give the highest bid, and buy your stuff back. I hope I helped you out, Christian. Good luck with the bidding.

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