How Do Storage Units Work?

Ever wondered about the workings of storage units? Today on Flex TV, we dive into the world of traditional self-storage and portable storage containers. Our Flexpert breaks down the basics, from choosing between a traditional warehouse unit and a convenient portable container, to understanding how each type functions and what to look out for. Whether […]

Hi guys, welcome to Flex TV. My name is Hope, and I will be answering all of your storage-related questions. Today’s question comes to us from Maria, and what Maria wants to know is, how do storage units work? Now this is a question from people, those rare people who have actually never used any form of self-storage. You want to know how it works, you’re getting to a point where your house is too cluttered and you need some extra space. So it’s a huge question, but I’m just going to give a short breakdown so you understand the concepts of it in general. So storage works based on your needs for space. It’s a rental service and it costs according to the duration of storage and the type of space, the size of the space that you need. So depending on how much you need to store and how long you want to store for, that will determine your price for storage. Now, there are two basic types of storage. The first is what’s known as self-storage or facility storage, where you go to a facility or warehouse, usually hiring movers on your own, and they bring your things to the facility for storage. Then, whenever you want access to your unit, you have to go to the facility to get access, to go inside, take whatever you need, or put whatever you need back. That’s the first type. The second type is portable storage. A little bit of a newer concept, the portable storage idea, is that you don’t have to leave your home and the unit will come to you. So they usually deliver it to your door or to any address you ask for. Make sure that you check in their policy that they can deliver to your place because that’s not always the case. So depending on your location, some portable storage will not be able to be delivered to your neighborhood. You have to make sure ahead of time, that’s really important. So aside from just the storage aspect, there are also some additional services that can sometimes be offered and provided by the facility. So these range from delivering your unit all the way to you like portable storage does. Some companies will offer to deliver specific items that you want out of storage to your house with a special delivery, usually for some kind of a fee. And there could be a full-service facility that also offers packing, loading, and everything you might need. Of course, that’s much rarer and usually costs a little more. So in conclusion, for the most part, just so you understand how self-storage works, it’s really a matter of how much space you’re gonna need, how long you want to store for, and based on these two factors, you can do your research and check different facilities, see what works for you in terms of price, in terms of the facility and the services offered, and then go for the thing that works best for you personally. Thank you so much, Maria. I hope I answered your question. Have a good one.

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