How do you ensure that only authorized personnel can access the storage facility?

Concerned about who can access your storage facility? In this short Flex TV episode, we address this important issue. Our Flexpert discusses the security measures storage facilities implement to ensure your storage unit’s safety. From key codes and personal locks to surveillance and on-site management, learn how your belongings are kept safe. This episode provides […]

How do you ensure that only authorized personnel has access to the storage facility? Well Zoe, to begin this answer I’m going to have to first make something a little bit more clear. With most storage facilities, not only authorized personnel will be entering, meaning not only employees. Most storage facilities wants to give the renters the opportunity and the option to come in to the facility so they can go to their unit, they can look around, they can take stuff out, they can put stuff back in, they can even hang out a little bit. So no, not only employees or authorized personnel are entering the storage facility. However, you have to understand that storage providers do have your best interest in heart. They want your stuff to remain as safe and sound as possible. Obviously if there’s theft or any misdoings around in their facility, they’re going to be the ones paying for it as well. So they do place security measures in their storage facility in order to avoid this as best they can. So that includes security cameras in public areas to see, deter from and record any misdoings such as vandalisms, break-ins, or theft. And it also includes the gates, the personalized keys, etc. So everybody’s going to have access to the storage facility, but you’re the only one who has access to your unique storage unit. How is this done? Usually by a personal key that’s individual and unlike any other. It can even be a keypad with some sort of code or it could be a personalized fob, whichever. Only you are supposed to access your unit, even though there are other people around in the facility. Now, if you do want an extra layer of security, which I can totally understand, if you’re storing something very valuable and you’re afraid of it being taken, you can actually get your own lock. And I do actually encourage this. A lot of storage facilities will offer a lock that’s very simple, could be cut very easily. So I think getting a disc lock or any kind of extra protection is a good idea. Also, if you happen to have a storage unit that has power inside, you can even install your very own security camera on the inside of your unit because obviously the facility is only going to place them in the public areas of the facility. So Zoe, to sum it up, not only authorized personnel can enter the facility, but also anyone who rents a storage unit at the same facility has access to it. However, you and you alone should have access to your own storage unit. If you’re concerned about the security, either choose a more secure location or even add a layer of security of your own. It’s totally fine as long as you’re not making major irreversible changes to your unit.

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