How do you ensure the privacy of my stored items?

Concerned about the privacy of your belongings in a storage unit? This Flex TV episode is dedicated to addressing your privacy concerns. Our Flexpert will guide you through the various security measures, policies, and protocols storage facilities implement to protect the confidentiality of your items. We’ll discuss key aspects like secure access systems, surveillance technology, […]

How do storage providers ensure the privacy of stored items now this is a point that’s very important to a lot of us obviously when you’re storing something on someone else’s turf it’s very important to know that you have your privacy that you have your own individual area to store whatever you want obviously within reason without people knowing what they’re poking around maybe you have really treasured items in there maybe it’s just a bunch of embarrassing photos whatever it’s very important to us that our privacy is maintained and respected so obviously you know the storage facilities have security measures in place on site in order to make sure that their facility remains safe and secure and And sometimes those security measures also include cameras. So are they filming everything? Are they actually looking at what you’re storing? What’s going on there? So even though there are usually cameras around the storage facility for security purposes, usually CCTV cameras, something like that, even though that’s true, they’re usually only placed in public areas, meaning that the main office will usually be recorded. the hallways or pathways will be recorded because they want to make sure to maintain the safety however when it comes to your individual unit no cameras are going to be installed inside of your unit they’re going to be only on the outside making sure that there’s no shenanigans no break-ins stuff like that but inside your unit is supposed to be absolutely private so of course you are required to sign a contract saying that you won’t store anything prohibited but they’re not going to be looking into your unit. Secondly, each storage unit has its own individual key. Sometimes you buy your own lock and sometimes the facility provides it for you, but obviously every lock is different so that no tenant can open another tenant’s unit. So that is also one way to maintain privacy. Only you can unlock your unit. The only situation where the facility might might actually unlock your unit or break your lock is in case of an emergency or there’s something that they see that’s terribly wrong like strong odors coming from your unit maybe a leak maybe there is smoke coming out and there’s fear of a fire in that case obviously they will do what they have to do will break the lock and go in they will notify you later and if they broke your lock they will obviously reimburse you for it but take into account that if there’s anything stored in your unit that might become a problem the facility could actually break your lock and open your unit to get in and fix it immediately so Jared what you want to really keep in mind is that your privacy is not only important to you it’s also important to your storage provider your storage facility they want to keep your privacy as much as they can too because they understand that it’s really important to customers and if the privacy isn’t kept they’re going to be losing a lot of customers so they really do try to maintain your privacy as best they can take under consideration that they’re actually on your side on this but of course as always when you’re booking you want to make sure you ask all of your questions make sure you ask about the cameras whatever is important to you that you want to get do it before you move your stuff in after will be a lot trickier to get it out.

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