How do you maintain indoor air quality in the storage units?

Concerned about the air quality inside storage units? Want to make sure your belongings are stored in a storage unit that offers proper air circulation? This episode of Flex TV addresses how to maintain good indoor air quality in storage units. Our Flexpert covers topics like ventilation, humidity control, and more, to avoid bad odors […]

How do you maintain indoor air quality in storage units? Now Gaia, that’s a good question. A lot of us are storing a lot of stuff that we care about deeply and the last thing we want is for the air to be stale, any bad odors to come up or God forbid any mold to form. So how do we avoid it? How can we make sure that our stuff remains safe, nice smelling, and that there’s always circulation in our storage units? So Gaia, the first thing that you have to ask yourself is what kind of storage are you using? If you’re using a warehouse storage unit, which is just an immobile room as part of a facility, there are two types of storage units that you can take. The first is climate controlled, and the second is non-climate controlled. In climate controlled units that do cost a little more, there is climate regulation and control meaning that there’s an air conditioning system that controls the humidity and the temperature inside of your storage unit. Apart from controlling the humidity and temperature, this makes sure that there’s always air circulating through your storage unit so that there’s no bad odors or stale air inside. However, if your need is for a portable storage unit because you have a short-term storage need or you’re moving or it’s just way more convenient, you have to know that most portable storage units do not have any kind of air circulation inside built in. So just like a storage unit in a warehouse that has no climate control, you’re going to have to manually go over, open the doors for a while, let the air circulate, let it go through, and then close it just to make sure that none of these bad smells or mold or anything like that forms inside of your storage unit. The only portable storage units that do have climate control and constant air circulation are flex units. Flex units come equipped with a solar panel that powers an automatic ventilation system that’s always working inside your storage unit. So the vents will open when it’s optimal and close when it’s optimal and you never have to worry about all the air staying inside and making it stinky and dingy. So Gaia, if you want to make sure that your stored contents have proper circulation, there are basically two options. You either go for climate control and then you always have the air flowing through or you go for a portable unit with flex that always is monitoring and changing the air inside of your unit so it never becomes a problem.

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