How does portable storage work?

Curious about the process involved in portable storage rentals? In this episode of Flex TV, we take a look at the world of portable storage. Our Flexpert explains the process from start to finish: choosing the right size, arranging delivery, and options for storing the unit at your location or at a storage facility. Discover […]

How does portable storage work? Now that’s a really excellent question, Derek. So it’s kind of a huge subject and it has a lot of different varieties, but let me break it down for you real quick. So if you’ve heard about portable storage here and there and you don’t exactly know what it means, I’m here to break down and explain it little by little. Here’s a portable storage 101 for you. So essentially a portable storage unit is a storage unit that’s portable or mobile which means it can be delivered to your home or to any other location that you want. This is a really perfect way to store for the long term, get ready for a move, maybe get clutter out of the way for a renovation. There are endless use cases that can really use the convenience and flexibility of a portable storage unit, rather than renting a storage unit at a facility where you have to go back and forth. The flexibility and beauty of a portable storage unit is that once you have it, you can keep it on your property or in your driveway and just store on your property for as long as you want, or you can have it redelivered to a second location, like in the case of moving. Some portable storage companies also offer additional services that go with your storage, like moving, professional packing and loading services. Not everybody offers this but if they do, trust me it’s a really fun option. It keeps you totally stress-free and they do everything for you A to Z. For this portable storage unit you pay a monthly rent just like a regular storage unit or just like your home you pay every month and if you want anything extra like to have it delivered to an extra location or you want any additional services you pay for that as well. The price of the portable storage unit really depends on your need, the size, and the duration of storage. So Derek, that was a 101 on portable storage. I hope you got the basics of everything.

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