How far ahead of time to get portable storage delivered?

Need to know how far in advance to book your portable storage unit? This episode of Flex TV offers essential advice for planning your move or storage needs. Discover the typical notice required by most portable storage companies and tips for securing a unit during busy seasons. Our Flexpert stresses the importance of early booking […]

How far ahead of time do I need to book a portable storage unit? Well, that’s an excellent question. We all know that moving in storage can be kind of hectic. Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time and you want to plan ahead and know what kind of schedule you need to make in order to make everything work on time for you. So, most portable storage companies require advance notice of at least 72 hours, that’s three days ahead of time, to book your storage units and make sure that they have an available unit for you. However, even with that kind of advance notice, sometimes, if it’s during the high season, you’re going to find that there’s not enough portable storage units in your area that are available to book. So I really recommend doing it as far ahead of time as you possibly can to let yourself and your storage company have time to prepare properly. However, if you’re in a crunch and you don’t have much time, there are some portable storage companies that will give you next day or same day delivery even if you book early enough in the day. So if you really don’t have much time and you’re in a pinch, you should really look for those companies. Flex Storage, for instance, can supply you with same day or next day delivery. So make sure you look for the right portable storage unit company to provide you with the service if you really don’t have any time to waste. However, to avoid a situation where you find yourself in a problem and you don’t have enough time to move or to store or to do whatever you need to do, I really suggest that you do it as early as possible. As soon as you know that you’re moving or you need the storage service, call the company. Try to book a storage unit that fits your preferences and your needs. And if your plans change, you can always call and reschedule with the company. So it’s better to book in advance and have to call and reschedule than to delay it and not book and find yourself with no storage unit when you actually really need one. So Zach, try as much as you can to book ahead of time. And if you can’t, just go to your favorite search engine and look for portable storage services that supply next day or same day delivery to help you out if you have no time.

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