How far in advance should I book my move?

Moving can be a stressful mess, and the last thing you need is more pressure when trying to relocate your home. How far ahead do you need to plan in order to make sure you can book a moving company? This is what this episode is all about. Join our Flexpert as she explains when, […]

How far in advance do I need to book my move? Now we all know that moving can be super stressful, super hectic, and sometimes we just don’t have the time to get everything ready. So how far in advance do we have to let the movers or moving company know that we want to book the move? So generally, obviously you want to do this as soon as you possibly can. Moving companies are sometimes overwhelmed with work, and if you want to make sure that they’re available on the date of your move, it’s best practice to book it as far in advance as possible. Basically, as soon as you know when the date is, even if you don’t yet have a full grasp of what’s going to happen on that day. The advance notice required by the company may change from one company to another, may be different from one place to another, so it really depends on who you’re hiring, how long is the move, and how many movers are available around you, which can depend on seasonality. Usually after providing the moving company with all the information necessary, like how many boxes you have and what items exactly you need to move, you get a price estimate or a price quote. Note that even this process can take you a full day, so you definitely don’t want to waste too much time in booking your move. I personally recommend, no matter where you’re moving, that you book your moving unit or your moving company at least one week in advance. If you have more time, that’s even better. You want to avoid a situation where the date is coming up and you haven’t booked and then everybody’s fully booked and you can’t get movers. Also, it’s better to book a particular moving date and then change it if any of your plans change instead of waiting for the last minute and finding yourself with no available movers to help you out. If you do find yourself in an impossible time crunch and you just didn’t plan far enough ahead and your move date is coming up, know that there are some companies that will do this process much sooner, much faster. However, when it comes to these companies, such as those who offer next day moving, know that you probably will be required to pay extra for this service. So I really do recommend that you think ahead, plan ahead, save your time and money.

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