How fast can a moving container be delivered?

In this episode of Flex TV, we talk about how quickly you can get a moving container delivered, if you’re in a pinch and can’t give enough advanced notice. Our Flexpert discusses the typical delivery timelines, factors that affect availability of units and delivery times, and tips for never missing your window. Whether you’re planning […]

How fast can a storage container be delivered? Now a lot of us when we’re moving it could be super hectic, super stressful, there are a lot of unexpected things in the process and sometimes you don’t really have that much time to organize your move ahead of time. So what do you do? How fast can you actually get a container delivered to your door? So this depends largely on the portable storage company you are working with. Different companies have different policies. You should know that for the most part most portable storage companies require at least 72 hours or three days of advanced notice so that they can make sure to have a unit ready for you and to schedule a driver to deliver it to you when you need it. Now even with three days of advanced notice you might find in some situations that there are no available units in your area. If it’s high season for moving, maybe it’s in the summer or during the holidays, you might be stuck in a situation where all of the units are actually taken. So this might be a problem. You want to make sure to give as much advanced notice as you can if you can do it. Gladly there are a few companies, Flex Storage for example, that will provide you a better offer of next day or even same day delivery if you book it early enough in the day. These companies will make sure that you have your unit on time to accommodate your schedule no matter what. So if you’re in a pinch you definitely want to check that out and find a company that does this for you. Same day or next day delivery might cost you a little extra but it is totally worth it for your peace of mind if you’re stressed about moving and have no time to book anything ahead of time. So in conclusion, Zach, if you find yourself in a pinch and you don’t have those three days advanced notice to give to the company, just search for a company that can do it quicker. All you need to do is go to your favorite search engine like Google or anything else and just type in next day delivery portable storage containers.

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