How hot does interior of moving container get?

Worried about your stored items getting damaged by heat in your storage container? You might have good reason to be. This episode of Flex TV discusses the extreme temperatures moving or storage containers can reach during the hot summer months, and what you should consider before storing your items inside, especially for extended periods. Our […]

How hot does the interior of a moving container get? Now as you probably know, moving containers are made of metal and as you probably know, metal can get very hot if it’s under direct sunlight. So if you’re moving anything that’s sensitive like appliances or electronics, you definitely want to know that it’s going to to be safe in the moving container and not overheat and ruin anything inside. So the internal temperatures of a moving container can actually run quite hot. If it’s under direct sunlight, it can reach about 140 degrees inside. That is way, way too hot for some items like electronics. So what do you actually do? One very good option to avoid damage to anything stored inside that might be sensitive to heat is to use something that has sort of a climate system to help regulate the climate inside of the moving container. For instance, Flex at Flex Storage, we have climate systems installed on every single unit. The climate system relies on readings of the temperature and humidity sensors and then adjusts a ventilation system in order to regulate and maintain the temperature inside at under 80 degrees, which is definitely safe enough for anything you want to move or store. So, in conclusion, if you have any sensitive items that you need to move, you really want to make sure that you make the right choice of a moving container that doesn’t damage your items. This is especially true if you know that your items are going to spend extended periods of time in the moving container, for instance, while you’re unpacking or setting up. It could be days, even longer, and then you definitely want to avoid damage to them. So if you’re moving and you have sensitive items, definitely consider looking for storage companies that offer some kind of climate system that your stuff doesn’t get damaged by the excessive heat or humidity.

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