How long can you keep a portable storage unit in your driveway?

Wondering how long you can keep a portable storage unit in your driveway? Our Flexpert is here to give you some clarity! In this Flex TV episode, we discusses the typical timeframes allowed for driveway storage, considering factors like local regulations, HOA rules, and storage company policies. Tune in to hear advice on navigating these […]

How long can I keep a portable storage unit in my driveway? So Robbie, that’s a really good question. A lot of us, when we’re renting a portable storage unit, we want to know how long we can keep it on our property or in our driveway for various reasons. So this really depends. If you’re storing your portable storage unit at the facility and all you want to do is bring it to your driveway for the loading time and just have time to load or unload before sending it right back to the storage facility, then most providers will give you between one and three days to keep the storage unit on your property so that you can load or unload at your own pace and then they pick it up and take it away back to the facility where it’s kept for the duration of storage. However there’s also So another option, most portable storage companies will offer you the option of keeping the unit for the entire duration of storage. So maybe if you have a short-term storage need and you only need it for a while, maybe a few days, maybe a week, then all you want to know is whether you can keep it in your driveway for the duration. So that’s where on-site storage comes into play. It’s super convenient and then you can keep the unit on your property for absolutely as long as you want as far as the storage provider is concerned, and you even end up paying less because you’re not taking up any space in the actual storage facility. However, when it comes to bringing a storage unit to your property for the long term, you really want to make sure that you’re compliant with HOA regulations and your city regulations. Some locations will not allow you to keep a container for long periods of time, some will have specific instructions on how you can keep it etc. So make sure you check it, that you’re in the clear, so that you know that you’re being on the up and up and everything is fine. So in conclusion, the duration that you can keep your portable storage unit in your driveway or on your property, it really depends on the use, it depends on the provider, and of course it depends on the regulations of the city or HOA where you live. So make sure you check those as well.

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