How much can fit in 8 foot moving container?

Wondering how much you can pack into an 8′ moving container? This Flex TV episode is all about optimizing space. Our Flexpert shares standard container sizes available and how much typically fits inside, to help you make an informed decision when booking your unit. Learn about the types of belongings that fit in various container […]

How much can fit in an 8-foot container? Now, if you’re moving from one location to another and you want to book a moving container for your move, obviously you want to know what fits inside and what would be the appropriate size for all the space that you need to move all of your items from one location to the next. When it comes to moving containers, there are usually some standard storage sizes that are pretty much across the board, though there might be some light variations from one to another. So the standard moving container sizes are 8-foot long, 12-foot long, 16-foot long, and maybe a 20-foot long, or sometimes it could be even bigger. With these containers, we are talking about normally a width of about 7 or 8 feet, as well as a height of about 7 or 8 feet. Remember, we’re talking about three-dimensional space, you can use all of it, so the width and the height really do matter. So Jesse, normally an 8-foot container, which would be 8×8 or 8×7, is pretty much ideal to fit a studio apartment or a one-bedroom into. What does this mean? If you’re living in a studio apartment or you have a small apartment where there’s only one bedroom, usually the stuff contained in your home will fit into that container. However, obviously apartment sizes vary, the amount and style of contents that you might have, the items that you have, varies from one person to another, so it’s very difficult to say something like that across the board. That is why I personally recommend reaching out to your storage company or your moving company and consulting with them. They’ve done this a thousand times, they’ve packed and unpacked all over the place, they know what kind of space that you need. But you have to make sure to be very, very detailed and tell them exactly what you need to move in there. Obviously, if you choose to get professional movers to help you with your move, because they’ve done this for so long and they are professionals, they will probably be able to make better use of your space and pack everything real tight for a better overall fit. So consider that if you’re moving. So to sum it up, Jesse, if you’re unsure about the size of container you might need, I really, truly recommend consulting with a moving expert, a storage expert. You can give them a very detailed list of how many boxes you have and items you have and they will help you out, especially if you have very large or oddly shaped items that may be difficult to calculate around. Make sure that you take full advantage of the experts they know best. Consult with them and they will help you figure out the exact size that you need.

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