How often are storage unit facilities inspected?

In this episode of Flex TV, our storage expert dives into the types, frequency, and importance of regular storage facility inspections. Discover the details behind routine maintenance, pest, and security inspections, their role in ensuring safety and cleanliness, and how they contribute to maintaining high standards in storage facilities.

Today i have a question from Jerome who wants to know how often are storage facilities inspected a lot of us store some valuable stuff in our storage units and to feel safe about it we need to know that the facility itself is being properly maintained properly inspected and that everything that needs to be addressed is addressed quickly and efficiently so Jerome there are generally three types of inspections that a facility will carry out on a regular basis the first is a maintenance inspection this is the kind of inspection where somebody from maintenance will be walking around and visually inspecting the storage facility so they’ll be looking for any water damage any cracks anything that needs to be fixed like a burnt out light or a broken lock that’s the first type of inspection that everybody does the second type is a pest inspection where not only will they visually look to see if they see any cockroaches pests mice or anything like that but they will also look for signs of them like droppings or nibbling or anything like that signaling that they require fumigation the third type of inspection is for compliance they want to see that all the tenants storing in their facility are complying with their policies on what to store meaning that nobody is storing anything that’s illegal or prohibited by the facility they might even break a lock and go into a unit if they have a reason to suspect that there’s anything stored inside that shouldn’t be like if there’s any kind of strong odors or a spill or anything like that so Jerome generally speaking these types of inspections are carried out regularly at storage facilities how regularly it really depends on the the facility’s specific policy. However, the recommended frequency is about once a month or more.

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