How to box clothes for a moving container?

Need tips on packing clothes for a moving container? This episode of Flex TV offers expert advice on boxing up your wardrobe efficiently. Our Flexpert demonstrates the best techniques to maximize space and minimize wrinkles. Discover the ideal types of boxes and packing materials to use, and learn how to organize your clothes for easy […]

How to box clothes for a moving container. If you’re a clothes lover like me, when we move, that’s one of the things that we’re most concerned about. What’s gonna happen to our clothes and how can we box them in a way that will also save space and also make sure all of our stuff gets there intact. So broadly, this depends on the clothes and I’m gonna break it down for you to two different types of clothing. The first is clothes that need hanging and in this instance I have a terrific hack for you. So what you do is you get a really really large cardboard box. It should be as long as possible. Then you take an aluminum rod and you insert it over the top between the cardboard box holes on either side and make sure it stays there. That way you can take the out of your closet with their hanger one by one and just hang them neatly on the rod next to each other. They will be upright in the box, still hung. You can close the box on top and then you’re good to go. It’s just like moving your cabinet without having to actually do that. So it’s a great solution for anything that needs to remain on a hanger. The second solution is for clothes that don’t need to be hung and then what we want is to save as much space as we can in the moving container so we don’t have to go up a size just for a bunch of clothes. So the best trick I know for this one is getting vacuum bags. You put all your clothes in vacuum bags. You can leave them folded like they are. Then you open a little special opening of the vacuum bag. You put in a vacuum. You suck out all of the air. You close it up. That saves a ridiculous amount of space. You will not believe how much smaller you can get your clothes packaging when you use this trick. So, I hope I answered your question. Use whatever’s convenient for you. Do the best you can do with your clothing and just make sure everything arrives safe and sound to your next destination.

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