How to rent a portable storage unit?

Thinking about renting a portable storage unit? On today’s episode of Flex TV, our Flexpert walks you through the process. She breaks down how to select the right size, choose a provider, understand rental agreements, and prepare for delivery. Learn about the key factors to consider, such as duration, location, and cost. This episode is […]

How to rent a portable storage unit. Now Natalie, I’m very glad that you sent me this question. Portable storage units can be extremely convenient for people who want to do a short-term storage period, who are moving from one location to another, who want to get clutter out of their home, maybe you’re renovating, remodeling your home and you need everything out of the way, it’s the perfect solution for many, many different use cases. So a lot of people really want to go for portable storage units. So Natalie, the first thing you want to do is establish what exactly it is that you need. That means checking out how much stuff you want to store, how much space you’ll be needing, maybe you want to measure some particularly large items, maybe you want to see how many rooms you’re actually going to need to store. So you establish how much space you need so you can kind look for the proper container for you. Once you know how much you’re storing and how long you want to store it for, then you can begin your research to find the right provider for you. Start by going to your favorite search engine and just typing in portable storage providers near me or portable storage units near me and you’ll have a lot of different opportunities, a lot of different providers, and then you just have to choose. I personally really recommend going into the website, reading reviews, doing a little research on how good the company really is with transparency, with their service, just so you know that you’re having the best possible experience that you can have. The next thing you do is just contact the company of your choice. Now you can do this through an online contact form which is super simple. You can call them over the phone so that you can do it really quickly and talk to a rep personally online. A lot of times the reps will also help you understand what kind of size you need and they will let know if there’s any special promotion for longer term storage. Once you’ve done that the company will provide you with a price quote and then you can go on to sign whatever paperwork you need and schedule a delivery to your home or to anywhere else that you need it. Now take into account that most portable storage companies require advanced notice of at least three days so that they can deliver the unit to you no matter what their schedule is like. Some companies will offer next day or even same day delivery, but that’s quite rare. So you want to prepare as far ahead in advance as you can to make sure that you’re not stuck with no options at all. In conclusion, Natalie, ordering a portable storage unit is super simple and easy. All you have to do is establish exactly what your need is, meaning how big and for how long. Then you contact the storage provider and sign whatever you need. And finally, you schedule a delivery date so that the unit is delivered to your home or any way you want to where you can start loading it up.

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