How to Store a Couch in a Storage Unit?

Flex Storage provides a detailed 5-step guide on how to store your couch so that it stays in perfect condition.  Remodeling your current home or moving to a new one, and want to keep your couch? Storing your couch is a great way to keep it safe and out of your way. 



Storing a Couch in a Storage Unit

When it comes to large pieces of furniture like couches, knowing how to store a couch in a storage unit correctly will ensure that the fabric and wood will stay clean, safe, and in great condition. Learn how to clean, wrap, and store your couch with this step-by-step Flex guide.

  1. Cleaning and Preparing a Couch
    Before storing your couch, remove any stains with a cloth and upholstery cleaner, allowing it to dry completely to prevent any mold or mildew. Then, vacuum it thoroughly to remove any dust or dirt particles.
  2. Disassembly
    Your couch will be much easier to move and take up less space if you disassemble it before storing it. Start by removing the legs and cushions. Keeping track of the screws is easier if you put them in a plastic bag and tape them to the bottom of the couch.
  3. Covering and Cushion Protection
    The next step in protecting your couch is wrapping a couch for storage. Use padded cotton blankets or a high-quality couch cover instead of plastic to allow the fabric to breathe and prevent mold or mildew.
  4. Placing Couch Properly
    Place your couch in storage on pallets to lift it off the floor, protecting it from pests and dust. A couch can take up a lot of room when stored, but it is essential to store a couch horizontally. Storing couches vertically can cause structural damage to the interior of the couch, as well as the fabric.

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