Is it legal to park storage container on street?

This Flex TV episode clears up the confusion around street parking for moving containers, including common regulations and the necessity of obtaining permits in certain areas. From city ordinances to neighborhood association rules, find out what you need to know to avoid fines and ensure your container placement is compliant.

Is it legal to park storage containers on the street? Now this is a very good question. If you need portable storage and you want to order it to your home, maybe you need to load it, unload it, do whatever with it, you need to keep it somewhere, but you don’t have a driveway, you don’t have a yard, maybe you do have a yard but you just don’t want the container sitting on your lawn and ruining it, what can you do? Is it okay to park it on the street? So, this really depends on where you live. For instance, in New York City, in the city itself, it’s totally illegal to park a container on the street anywhere so you can’t have it delivered there unless you have your own property to have it on and keep it on while you need it there. On the other hand, in a suburban home or a likely you will be able to do it at least for a little while there might be some local terms so obviously you have to check with the city or the HOA maybe you can only have it during certain hours maybe you can only have it there for a certain period of time however you are much more likely to be able to have a container on the street for a while if you’re in a suburban area than if you are living in a high-rise in the city another good possible solution for this if you do live in a city area and you’re not allowed to place a container on the street but you don’t have a driveway is take something like a flex. Flex units are all on wheels and so for all intents and purposes they are a trailer not a container and you can even put them on your lawn because they won’t ruin your grass with their wheels. In short, anywhere no matter where you are no matter where you want to order it to the first thing you want to do is make absolute sure to check with your HOA and your city to make sure what the regulations are so that you’re not in violation of anything and you don’t get a fine. If you need some sort of permit, attain it beforehand and just be as careful as you can because you don’t want to end up regretting ordering it.

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