What Are Self Storage Units?

Back to basics! In this Storage 101 episode of Flex TV, we unravel the fundamentals of self-storage units. Discover what self-storage units entail, their purpose, and how they serve as secure spaces for individuals or businesses to store belongings. Our Flexpert breaks down the concept, exploring the versatility and convenience these units offer for safely […]

Joseph wants to know, what are self-storage units? So Joseph, that’s a really good question. Maybe you have some stuff that you wanna get out of the way, you wanna declutter your home, you have some items that you’re not going to use or you’re only going to use a long time from now and you just want a place to store it and wanna know how it works. So first thing, self-storage, where does that actually come from? it’s actually a short-term for self-service storage because the original idea is the storage provider provides the space and you do everything else on your own like renting a truck, moving, packing, anything you need to do, you do it on your own. Basically, storage units are either rooms if you’re renting it in a warehouse or containers if you’re going for portable storage that provide you with storage space for stuff that you want kept out of your house. So, just like any other space that you rent, just like your apartment, you’re going to have a lease that you’re going to sign before you move your stuff into storage. The lease is going to detail payments, terms and conditions, insurance coverage, and everything you need to know, whatever you’re allowed or not allowed to store. So you really want to read through that very carefully, just like you would a lease in your apartment, to see what exactly are the rules for storing in that particular facility. They’re going to change from place to place, so you want to pay attention. So in conclusion, Joseph, storage units are rented storage space that are offered to you to keep your stuff in when you don’t want it until you need it back. I hope I answered your question.

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