What happens if I lose the key to my storage unit?

In this episode, our storage expert, Hope, discusses the scenario of losing the keys to your storage unit. Who should you talk to? How much does a replacement key cost? Tune in to learn the steps to take, including contacting the facility and understanding the process for key replacement to ensure the security of your […]

Today’s question comes to us from Crystal who wants to know, what happens if I lose the key to my storage unit? Now that’s a really good question. Sometimes we misplace stuff, some of us are scatterbrains, talking about me right now. So it’s obviously an option. So we wanna know what’s gonna happen if you’re going to misplace your key, lose it or have it ruined in any way. So, there are two kinds of possible keys when you’re renting a storage unit. The first one would be a facility provided key, like a key card or a fob, or if the facility provided you with a lock and a key for it. In this event, if you lose the key provided by the facility, you’re going to have to contact them, let them know that you lost it, and they’re going to have to provide you with a replacement key, which is usually going to cost you a certain fee. It could be anywhere from 20 bucks to around 40 bucks. it really depends on the place and also what kind of key you were given, but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. You pay a fee, they give you the replacement key, and you’re fine. You can open your unit just like before. The second situation is if you’re storing in a storage unit for which you had to independently purchase a lock on your own. In this event, obviously the facility will not be able to provide you with a replacement key. If you’re buying a lock for yourself, strongly strongly recommend getting a spare. You get a spare key, keep it in a separate place, then you keep your main key so that if it’s lost you always have a plan B and you don’t have to call a locksmith. However, if you don’t have a spare or you’ve lost somehow both keys, you’re going to have to contact the facility and let them know that you’re going to bring in a locksmith to break your lock and then obviously you have to buy a replacement lock and place that in place of the first one. So in conclusion, Crystal, it really depends on what kind of lock you have. If you can, get a spare key. It’s always a better idea to be safe than sorry. If you can’t and you’ve lost a key that belongs to the facility, it’s going to cost you. There’s really no way around it. In any event, you have to make sure to contact the facility and let them know. Even if you’re going to bring a locksmith independently, you have to let them know so that they can let the locksmith in to actually take care of the problem

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