What security measures are in place for storage units?

Watch this short Flex TV episode on the security measures used to secure storage units and their contents. Explore the comprehensive array of protective measures deployed by storage¬† and find out what you can do to make sure your portable storage unit is safe even if you’re storing it on-site, in your driveway or back […]

Today I have a question from Ralph who wants to know what security measures are in place for storage units. That’s a really good question and it’s on a lot of our minds when we want to store our belongings because security is really paramount. If you’re not going to get your things back as you place them in, what’s the point of getting a storage unit to begin with? So, Ralph, let’s break it down. There are several security measures that you need to take under consideration when you’re choosing a facility to store in. So the first part is the facility security measures. So we’re talking fences or walls, CCTV cameras, or on-site guarding. Some facilities, most facilities, will have at least some of those, if not all three. I definitely recommend going for all three so that you’re protected against any kind of break-in attempt or burglary. The second type that you have to take into consideration is the security measures of the storage unit itself. So we’re talking, how good are the locks? This way you can make sure that your stuff is protected inside the unit from possible burglaries from somebody else from inside the facility, which is also important because it’s not always going to be the problem on the outside. Now there’s another issue. What if you want portable storage and you’re storing on-site, meaning you keep your storage unit on your property? You don’t have the advantage of all the security measures of the facility, but you still want to make sure your stuff is safe. So the security measures of the unit itself become paramount and super, super important. So for instance, at Flex, we have security measures that are individually built into each and every single unit. Flex storage units have solar powered digital security measures such as motion sensors, a live GPS and door opening alerts. So you can make sure that your stuff is really safe, even if it’s in your yard and not defended by the security of the facility. In short, Ralph, security measures really do change from unit to unit and from facility to facility, so you want to check this ahead of time. Talk to your rep, make sure that they have the proper security in place, and make sure that you feel safe because it’s really not worth it otherwise. Thank you so much for joining us.

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