What Storage Units Have Electrical Outlets?

When we want to get something out of storage, we can find ourselves organizing, labeling, cleaning out, or reminiscing – which can take quite a while. What if we want to charge our phone or plug in a light source? Join our Flexpert in this episode to find out how you can know which storage […]

Today’s question comes to us from Brian and what Brian wants to know is what storage units have electrical outlets? Now this is an excellent question. A lot of us like to visit our storage units on a regular basis. We need to take something out of storage, we need to put something in, look for something or organize and when you do that you might be spending some time there, you want to know that you’re going to be able to charge your phone or plug in some kind of light source if you need lighting. So that’s why some of us might actually want to have outlets inside our storage units for convenience. So Brian, basically the answer is like you’ve suggested in your questions, not all of them will have electrical outlets. So you really have to make sure. Of course, you can only get an electrical outlet in your unit if it’s in a storage facility. Portable storage will never have electrical outlets on the inside because they’ll be nowhere to connect it to. So if you want an electrical outlet you know that you’re gonna use it, you’re going to need to ask the storage facility ahead of time. Most likely they will have some storage units that do have outlets and some that do not, so make sure before you book. And for that purpose that means that you can’t really book online, you have to actually speak to a rep and make sure that they know you need an electrical outlet, otherwise you’ll be stuck without it and it’ll be kind of a drag to take all of your stuff out of storage. So Brian, I hope I answered your question.

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