Why Are Storage Units So Expensive?

Want to know why self-storage is so expensive and what you can do to save costs without compromising on quality and security? Then this Flex TV episode is exactly what you need.

Today’s question comes to us from Phil. What Phil wants to know is, why are storage units so expensive? I feel you, Phil. Honestly, I know it’s really frustrating when you need to store stuff and you see the price keeps going up, so I understand the question and I’m with you. Basically, the truth is that the prices of storage units really range greatly depending on a lot of different factors. So seasonality, location, size, demand are all factors to consider when it comes to the price of a storage unit. For instance, storage units in New York will be far more expensive than storage units in Oklahoma, so it really depends on where you’re from. Also, Phil, storage is essentially real estate. So just like real estate, it’s subject to property tax, things like that, if the real estate around your area is getting more expensive so will the storage units. There’s really not any way around it. What you can do to make your life a little easier and save a little money when it comes to storage is make sure to follow promotions, special sales, most storage facilities have a lot of promotions, you just have to look for them, go to their Facebook pages, their Instagram pages, they will be publishing them, use coupons, whatever you can to keep the price low and that will really help you with your expenses. In conclusion the price of storage units really comes down to a lot of factors so there’s a lot to consider and you can’t always control it because you’re not going to move to a different state just to pay less for storage but bottom line is it’s still going to be more worthwhile than storing the stuff in your own house because you pay so much per square foot in where you live. So Phil, I really hope I answered your question. Good luck finding a good, reasonably-priced storage space.

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