Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Storage Units?

In this Flex TV episode, our Flexpert explains whether homeowners’ insurance covers storage unit contents. Should you get additional insurance for belongings stored outside your home? How can you get it? What are the pros and cons? Watch now to find out!

Today we have a question from Jenny, who wants to know, will her homeowner’s insurance cover a storage unit? Now that’s a really good question. Obviously when we put anything in storage, we want to make sure that it’s protected, that the contents are safe, no matter what happens, whether it be weather, break-ins, or any other disaster, God forbid, that might happen, we want to have it insured and protected. So Jenny, the short answer is yes, homeowner’s insurance can cover your storage unit as a part of your home, but this is not automatic, so pay close attention. As soon as you get your storage unit, you’ve rented it, you’ve moved your stuff in, you have to talk to your homeowner’s insurance. You have to let them know what is the storage unit, where it’s located, what kind of protection it has around it, if the facility has fences, guards, security cameras, all that will help your insurance company cover your storage unit with ease. Now you’re going to be covering the contents inside, so obviously they’re also going to want to know what exactly you have stored inside, what’s the value, etc. Just like any regular insurance on your home or your car or anything else. Now this can be added as part of your homeowner’s insurance. They might increase your monthly policy, so you have to pay attention to that. They might ask you all kinds of questions about the contents, the worth, and how well they’re guarded. Obviously, if you have it on site in your yard, a storage container is not always going to be considered as safe as it is as part of a facility or a warehouse. In conclusion, yes, your homeowner’s insurance can insure your storage unit as a part of your home. Make sure you do it, take care of it, and speak to your insurance rep because without it you might be at risk, your stuff might be stolen or ruined, and then you will get nothing back for it. So insurance is really important. Make sure you check on that. Jenny, I really hope I answered your question, and I hope your stuff is kept safe and sound.

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