How do I ensure my firearms are not damaged during the move?

In this episode of Flex TV, we focus on the critical task of moving firearms safely and securely, ensuring they arrive at your destination without a scratch. Our storage expert walks you through step-by-step instructions on proper firearm packing techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or moving a personal firearm for the first time, this episode is your go-to guide for a worry-free transit.

What are the legal requirements for moving firearms?

Navigate the complexities of moving firearms with confidence in this informative Flex TV episode. Our storage expert explains the legal requirements, providing a comprehensive overview of the regulations you need to follow. From federal laws and ATF guidelines to state-specific rules that could affect your move, we cover everything to ensure you’re fully compliant.

Can a moving company move my guns & ammo?

Can a moving company legally transport your guns and ammo? This episode of Flex TV addresses a question many firearm owners face during a move. We dive into the policies and regulations moving companies must follow when handling firearms and ammunition and explain why some companies will refuse altogether. Understand the distinctions between moving companies that are equipped and willing to transport these items and those that are not, including the necessary preparations and documentation required from you. 

How far in advance should I book my move?

Moving can be a stressful mess, and the last thing you need is more pressure when trying to relocate your home. How far ahead do you need to plan in order to make sure you can book a moving company? This is what this episode is all about. Join our Flexpert as she explains when, how, and why you should book your movers. Stay one step ahead of the moving game to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible on moving day.

Are moving containers water proof?

Have you ever wondered if your belongings are safe from the elements in a moving container? This Flex TV episode episode discusses the crucial question: Are moving containers waterproof? We’ll cover the materials and features of various moving containers, including their ability to withstand rain, snow,  humidity, and other weather conditions. Learn what manufacturers and rental companies do to protect your items and what steps you can take for added peace of mind.

Are portable storage units pest proof?

Concerned about unwelcome guests in your portable storage unit? In this Flex TV episode, we tackle a common worry: Are portable storage units pest proof? Join our storage expert as she explains all about pest control policies, the important routine maintenance and cleanliness, and best practices that will allow you to rest easy knowing your belongings are bug-and-rodent-free!

Is it safe to transport ammo in a moving container?

Transporting ammo in a moving container raises several safety and legal considerations. In this episode, we tackle the complexities of moving ammunition. Our expert outlines the regulations and best practices for safely transporting ammo, including packaging requirements, transportation laws, and storage options during the move. We’ll also discuss the importance of checking with your moving company’s policies and local laws to ensure compliance.